Medita & Workation Home

Medita-Workation Home, located in the “Sangthian Siribun Dhamma Retreat” in Phayao, Thailand a charitable project providing the Dhamma retreat center with architecture that balances work and mindfulness. This project became an architectural study for a meditation house appropriate for beginner-level meditators during the new normal COVID-19 lifestyle of work (and meditation) from home. The design integrates a mixture between the Dhamma way of life and the current world’s way of life, offering a space to disconnect from society’s chaos while staying connected to responsibilities. Surrounded by nature, the house provides views of sunrise and sunset, symbolizing life’s impermanence. Constructed efficiently within three months, it minimizes disruption to the environment and other meditators. Wide flange metal was utilized for structural integrity, requiring collaboration with local workers. The spatial design is based on the teaching of “Samata”, designing for daily functionality and meditation, catering to all weather conditions. It offers a secluded yet functional setting for work and meditation, promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Arsomsilp Community and Environmental Architect; Theerapol Niyom, Nuntapong Yindeekhun, Kittikun Supragarn, Mary Saelim

Sangthian Siribun Garden Foundation

Year of completion

Phayao, Thailand

Total area
68 m2

Srirath Somsawat

Project Partners

Structure engineers: S.S.K Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd.
Energy consultant: Suchon Supsing
Mechanical And electrical engineers: Petch Panyangam
Construction manager: Kittikun Supragarn, Itsariya Namwong

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