Made To Measure Sofa System

The nature of the sofa is to be inclusive and togetherness, so its role in the home is to create relaxation and intimacy. Its scale is a very decisive factor in both space and family life, which is different in every home, so HANNABI sofas are created interactively with the user. The timeless basic shape of the BOX Hyperactive sofa, with its centimeter-precise design, like the walls, its curves and dimensions, thanks to a careful ergonomic design, provide exceptional comfort. The system is accompanied by a very easy-to-use design program that allows anyone to design their own sofa at home. The elements are not interconnected, they do not slide thanks to a special foot and can therefore be used in different positions. And its numerous individual accessories all contribute to comfort and a wide range of functional possibilities. The homely accessories surrounding the sofa, from rugs to ceramics to textiles, are all the work of local designers, handmade in accordance with the HANNABI philosophy of durable, unique products whose quality and timeless style can be a lifetime choice for their owners.


Aniko Racz

Hannabi Studio

Year of production

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