LX Master Mirror

The LX Master Mirror by Mikrona is an essential tool for Orthodontists, Dentists, and Dental Hygienists, designed to provide highly precise and accurate visibility of the oral cavity with either Daylight, CureSafe light, or UV Light. With advanced fiber optic technology, the mirror transmits light and images more efficiently, resulting in sharper and clearer reflections of the oral cavity. This enables dental professionals to perform procedures and check-ups with unmatched precision, helping to improve patient outcomes. Dental mirrors play a critical role in clinical practice, allowing clinicians to gain a clear view of hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and facilitating the application of dental materials. The LX Master Mirror sets a new standard for precision and accuracy, providing unprecedented visibility of the oral cavity and improving the quality of care for patients.


Luke Guttery, Rainer Bucher, Thomas Kaup

Mikrona Group AG

Year of production

Luke Guttery

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