Lumen Museum of Mountain Photography, Bruneck

The new building develops around the old top station and articulates itself in the combination of the two main buildings: the museum is presented as a compact, almost monolithic structure, and the restaurant opposite the museum body as a horizontal element made of glass and concrete that protrudes from the steep slope. The restaurant is based on a precise functional programme and the desire to open the dining room to the landscape in order to define a direct link between the “local” concept of cuisine and the surrounding Alpine landscape.
The museum character is created by the large openings that interrupt the introverted façade and extend the exhibition space towards the landscape. The exhibition path winds its way through a vertical journey that takes the visitor through the history of mountain photography, from pioneers to contemporary photographers working on large walls all over the world.


Mahlknecht Architekten; Gerhard Mahlknecht / Bruneck

Kronplatz Seilbahn AG

Paolo Riolzi

Year of completion

Bruneck, Südtirol, Italy

Project Partners

Gasser Markus GmbH, Mutschlechner Othmar, Zingerle Bonifaz GmbH, Vitralux GmbH, Kronaction GmbH, Kronlift GmbH, Estfeller pareti srl, Peintner GmbH, Elektro Walter & Georg, Pellegrini GmbH, Pezzei Metallform KG/SAS, RCS Türen Studio, Weger Walter GmbH, Moser & Co. GmbH, B & Z OHG, Raumausst. Appenbichler, Gartner Fliesen, Interfiere srl, Fuchs Technik, Leitner Electro GmbH, Zumtobel Group

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