Healthcare Centre in Ferrara

The project mirrors the corporate image of “Centro di Medicina” private clinics, that includes both architectural structure and interior design. The medical centre has an area of 3,000 sqm, spread on 3 floors and divided by macro-functions. The renovation focuses on environmental sustainability and well-being: technological solutions have been adopted to improve the healthiness and livability of the environments and reduce energy consumption. The seamless distribution of the medical offices, positioned along the external perimeter, and the service rooms, grouped in the center, make the layout more functional. The furniture is characterized by pure lines, precious natural materials and neutral tones. The waiting areas distributed in different points of the center guarantee greater privacy. The interior design is part of the patient care process in addition to the well-being of the healthcare workers. More than a hospital, the project has a hotel approach that makes it recognizable.


Mario Mazzer, Marco Da Ros

Centro di Medicina di Treviso/Villorba

Year of completion

Ferrara, Italy

Total area
3.000 m2

Filippo Bamberghi

Project Partners

Enrico srl, Fernowa srl, Florim SpA, Gerflor, PIU’ LED, Mario Breda

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