New primary school, San Carlo Canavese

The new Primary School with gymnasium of the Municipality of San Carlo Canavese is a school building capable of accommodating 250 pupils aged between 6 and 10 years. The entire study of the project was directed towards the conception of an architecture with a strong iconographic charge, which stems from the need to offer a functional and contemporary building able to tie in with local traditions thanks to the materials and finishes that recall the rural context, as well as being an NZEB-type energy sustainable building. We based our concept on the story of ‘The Little Prince’, creating child-friendly exterior and interior spaces, including special openings that recall the salient moments of the tale and impart a dynamic character. The school recalls the agricultural vocation of the neighboring context with a single volume enclosing a large transparent body housing activities and a winter garden. This creates a welcoming and familiar space for the children in which they feel at ease and can learn to the best of their ability, using a space that stimulates creativity and integration


Settanta7; Elena Rionda, Manuel Depetris, Marco De Vincentiis, Margherita Mazzoni, Carmine Castaldo, Francesca Cordero, Martina D’Ambrosio, Alessandra Novara, Iacopo Buccarelli

Year of completion

San Carlo Canavese, Italy

Fabio Bascetta

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