Le Bazal, Tirane

The project of this bar & restaurant consists in creating some special facilities that are easily connected to each other. The primary spaces are: the main courtyard, bar, restaurant and backyard. The main outer courtyard has direct contact from the street, it also offers partial coverage with the metal structure covered with transparent glass, which is open at certain times of the year. The main function is the bar, but the space can be adapted to different activities. The bar is the focal point that links the outside courtyard with the restaurant. The connection is made stronger by means of decorative elements such as lighting, textures, materials and colors used. The restaurant has suitable spaces such as booths and the outer backyard which is a more secluded area, where the greenery is intertwined with the design. The backyard offers a more intimate dining space, away from the noise and in the uncovered natural environment. The restaurant is connected to the backyard by an arcade. This arcade creates a game of different shadows depending on the natural lighting while adding a different experience to the users of the space.



Le Bazal Investment

Year of completion

“Sami Frasheri”, Tirane, Albania

Total area
477 m2

Besart Cani

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