Inspiration: Approached by Swarovski the fashion designer Lana Dumitru and the architect Vlad Tenu have teamed up to reimagine the tradition for the next space age. They have digitally re-constructed the folk pattern of a traditional Romanian rug and turned it into a new kind of artefact by using over 25.000 Swarovski crystals.
Materials and techniques: Swarovski crystals, full 3D simulations, algorithmic design and digital prototyping. It is a process-based design, fully simulated in 3D for the production dialogue with manufacturing robots rather than a human hand. No wonder that it took 15 people almost six months to complete the dress.


Foraeva by Lana Dumitru & Vlad Tenu

Designer and / or studio
Lana Dumitru & Vlad Tenu

Christian Tudose

Year of production

Designer’s country of origin
Romania (& Lisbon & London)

Country of brand origin
UK / Portugal / Romania

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