Kristalia – Palco

For Kristalia, was designed Palco, an outdoor seating system inspired by pallets, slatted tables, and classic outdoor decking. Palco consists of a slatted teak platform with a metal base and one or more padded elements that can be combined to create various configurations, which can also be altered after making your purchase. The platform can be entirely covered with padded elements or used as a low table on which to place a lamp, a book, or a cocktail. The ideal location recommended by Kristalia for Palco is on covered and semi-covered verandas and terraces. In addition to the version with a slatted teakwood platform, which can be treated with oil or left natural so that it acquires its characteristic silvery colour over time, Palcois now also available with a slatted drawn aluminium platform. The aluminum version is 100% recyclable and does not require any maintenance.


Industrial Facility; Sam Hecht & Kim Colin, UK

KRISTALIA srl, Italy

Year of production
2020, 2021

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