King’s tower

The play unit is a testament to the philosophy of minimalism, modernism, and a unique approach to children’s play. The design of the unit prioritizes functionality and encourages exploration, fostering children’s natural inclinations towards discovery and development. At its core, the play unit is a tower comprised of three irregularly shaped platforms, each successively higher than the last. The play equipment invites children to climb via wooden steps, bars, and steel cables covered in polyamide rope, providing opportunities for children to improve their coordination and other physical abilities. In addition to climbing elements, the unit includes slides and climbers, as well as benches, all of which are integrated into the overall design to enhance the play experience. The play unit’s design maximizes the potential for play, as every function is concealed within the unit itself, encouraging children to be creative and innovative in their use of the space. The play unit has been thoughtfully designed to cultivate multiple aspects of a child’s development. Through the use of the unit, children can develop their social skills, cognitive abilities, sensorimotor functions, and creative capacities. The unit provides an environment for children to experiment and grow, learning through play and exploration.


Redox d.o.o

Redox d.o.o

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