PIRO – Paediatric Ankle-Foot Orthosis

 PIRO is a lightweight, thin-shelled, ankle-foot orthosis manufactured using 3D printing. Ankle foot orthoses are used in children affected by cerebral palsy, and similar conditions, who suffer from lowered mobility and control. PIRO is designed to stabilize biomechanical movement and help children live the active lifestyle. Tested for millions of cycles, the construction of its single shell with variable thickness proves impeccable strength yet flexibility and comfort.

Designed as a breathable structure, the perforated thin wall reduces the weight up to 70% compared to the conventional product. The use of pastel colours and simple patterns help to suppress the stigma of a medical device. The orthosis itself, in 5 varietal types, is generated within seconds by an algorithm, based on a 3D scan of the children’s foot and various clinical data. Finally, manufacturing by 3D printing uses technology from reusable material to reduce waste.


Invent Medical Group, s.r.o.; Tomas BOUMA, Czech Republic

Invent Medical Group, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Year of production

Invent Medical Group, s.r.o.

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