Kaple sv. Josefa – záchrana kaple na východě Čech / Chapel of st. Joseph – saving the chapel in eastern Bohemia

The Chapel of St. Joseph in the village of Slavětín, nestled at the foothills of the Jestřebí Mountains, had fallen into disrepair following the displacement of the original German population after World War II. It was salvaged and “resurrected” by Rudolf Kasper, a successful businessman from Trutnov, and his wife Renata, who had settled in Slavětín. The objective was clear: not to regress to the past or create a replica of the original structure, but to design a unique contemporary exhibition and concert space within a minimalist architectural framework, respecting and harmonizing with the original building.

The interior is adorned with a wire art installation by sculptor Veronika Psotková, loosely inspired by the altarpiece of St. Joseph and the Baby Jesus. It evokes the renowned Baroque compositions of statues and paintings surrounding altarpieces, yet offers a completely fresh and playful interpretation. The newly landscaped surroundings of the chapel provide villagers and visitors alike with a tranquil resting place, offering views of artworks by the esteemed Czech sculptor Michal Gabriel.


ATELIER TSUNAMI Ltd.; Michal Ježek, Ivo Balcar, Jan Řehák, Aleš Krtička

Rudolf Kasper, Renata Kasperová

Year of completion

Radvanice, Czech Republic

Total area
85,3 m2

Site area
111 m2

Miloš Šálek

Project Partners


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