Grand Hotel View – Interior Design

Interior design of Grand Hotel View was inspired by proximity of the Adriatic sea and local stonemasonry culture of Brač Island. While exterior shapes monumental, abstract, sharp lines reminiscing of stone quarry, interior takes this geometry and inspiration but translates it into soft and tactile materials and warm, earthy color tones. Ceiling of central lobby is shaped by wooden elements reminiscent of a boat hull construction. Long corridors are lined with sand-looking carpets with accentuated zones of earthy/terracotta tones shaping main focal points. Like small islands of Adriatic archipelago, organic-shaped furniture elements and ceiling lines float within the interior. Rooms are shaped with exposed concrete walls which are contrasted with elements made of tinted oak wood and natural linen fabrics. A small exhibition of student works from notable stonework school of Brač island praises local stoneworking culture and gives special focal point to the main hotel entrance.


OCD arhitekti

A.C.T. (Adria Coast Turizam)

Year of completion

Postira, Brač, Croatia

Total area
24.000 m2

Marko Mihaljević

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Interijer Design d.o.o., Oblikovanje Prostora d.o.o., Objektni Tepisoni d.o.o., Elaboratus d.o.o., Credo Centar d.o.o., Kamgrad d.o.o.

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