The Cottage at the Village Fringe

“The Cottage at the Village Fringe” represents a modern, newly constructed extension of an existing building, initially conceived as a weekend retreat for a young family. The architectural vision behind this project aims to revive the tradition of Romanian countryside estates, taking cues from the rural dwelling typology prevalent near urban centers, where multiple generations of families coexist amidst pastoral surroundings.

Through a collaborative architectural approach, the two structures have seamlessly merged to create a cohesive design that prioritizes the interplay between family dynamics and the natural environment. This synthesis successfully integrates the existing architectural heritage with contemporary requirements for comfort, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency.


Too Architects; Tiberiu Florescu, Stefan Florescu


Year of completion

Daia, Giurgiu, Romania

Total area
350 m2

Site area
3.000 m2

Sabin Prodan

Project Partners

Structural engineering: Estacons Proiect; Cristian Petcu
M&E/MEP engineering: VDB Dynasty; Bogdan Ioniță
Main contractor: Pitgust Construct; Petrică Bulai
Plumbing and heating contractor: Ambiental Ideal Construct; Ștefan Murad
Conservatory glazing contractor: Tamo Glass; Dan Otiotioc
Building automation contractor: Future Engineering; Cristian Aron
Brick supplier: Wienerberger România
Fenestration supplier: Vi-Fi; Florin Voinea
Architectural metalwork: Alluform; Dan Crăciun
Local craftsmen: Dinu, Augustin, Gigi, Doru

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