Gallery Fra Ljube Hrgić

Gallery “Fra Ljube Hrgić” is located within Franciscan complex of St. Ilija in Zenica. The hall is in the oldest part of the complex built before the year 125. Construction of religious houses in Bilino field is entrusted to architects Josip Vancaš. The complex is interesting for many reasons  and in between other details Ivo Andrić (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature) lived and wrote in the Franciscan house for a couple of years. Since 2007, the complex along with the church has been declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2020 an initiative was launched to turn the space into a gallery, as the primary place for gatherings and education.


Jasmin Sirčo

Franciscan complex of St. Ilija in Zenica

Year of completion

Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total area
80 m2

Almin Tabak

Project Partners

Jomax d.o.o.

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