Firepit and Panoramp in Enying

The coherent wooden installations located at the heart of Enying conclude a sustainable and integrated urban development project started back in 2016. The studio realized their additions in 2022 as pro bono projects to support the local community after recent years’ high inflation hindering the completion of the developments. They constructed both structures themselves with local support, bringing fun and handsome structures to Petőfi Park. They set a goal to achieve the smallest carbon footprint possible which defined both their choices of design and materials. The so-called “Panoramp” leads the way to a Firepit inspired by traditional Hungarian beehive ovens and yurts, this design also involved parametric modeling which enabled to avoid excess use of materials or shuttering. Also, the designers decided to make all their plans according to BIM workflow avoiding printed plans during construction. As a result, Enying received two unique elements enabling locals and visitors to gather and enjoy the most appealing part of town.


DANU Corp; Balázs Szigetvári, Júlia Pokol, Anna Dörögdy, Boglárka Pető, Éva Michelisz, Bálint Kádár, Pál Mészáros

Main contractor for wood construction
Opinion Builders Ltd.

Enying city local authority

Year of completion

Enying, Hungary

Total area
60 m2

Ilona Tóth, Éva Michelisz, Balázs Szigetvári

Project partners

Fadepo Fatelep; Cruz D. Sur Ltd.; László Dobrovolszky

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