Whiteboard01 is a multifunctional writeable whiteboard specially designed for office needs. It is designed to work as a moveable writeable panel board, acoustic absorber, and space divider. The wide body has a polyurethane foam layer under the upholstery to work as an acoustic absorber, to enhance the soft touch feeling and create a harmonious radius on the edges. The fabrics are dirt and water-repellent. The wooden tray is slightly recessed into the upholstery to leave no sharp edges. The slight tilt of the board provides better ergonomics of writing. The casters with included stoppers make it easy to move around the office. The size is chosen to fit through standard doors. It can easily be used as a space-dividing element and has a removable panel on the front – and backside. The panels are lightweight and can be fixed on the walls on allocated places. Each whiteboard is delivered with 2 boards. Additional boards can be ordered as an option. The main idea is to reduce the use of paper while being able to bring your notes back to your working space after a meeting.


Pretabureau; Gregory Speck


Year of production

Lukáš Pelech

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