Family House “LEHOŤAN”, Nová Baňa

Lehoťan – a remote house
A house in the countryside. A new house in a remote location.
A house for grandparents – natives who have been familiar with the countryside for all their lives. Those who have known its character and traditions, too. They did not stagnate in the past, but were able to be open-minded, perceptive and to keep up with the spirit of the age.
Children initiated the construction. Knowing their family members, together with the architect they created a rather small, but consistent piece of work. They trusted the architect and let him work creatively and freely. Discussing with investors and users, they achieved a solution that represents one of the many images of a house fulfilling the current need for a tranquil living in the scenery of central Slovakia. The house is old and new at the same time. It is old because it respects proven principles and long-time experience with living in a well-known environment. It is new because it fulfils requirements for the cosy ambience people used to current comfort of living and technologies cannot give up. (Štefan Moravčík ARCH 2019)


Norbert Šmondrk; KFA

Soňa Sadloňová

Nová Baňa, Slovakia

Year of completion

Total area
220 m2

Project Partners

Kovaco spol.s.r.o., Duravit, Int-Cor s.r.o., Kovaco spol.s.r.o., Brik a.s., Floos, Martin Richtárech Alureal, Wiessmann, Miele, Mirage, Swim Spa, Poly System, spol.s.r.o., Diricx, Jaf Holz, Knauf

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