Faculty of Physical Culture Palacky University Olomouc Campus, Olomouc

The whole complex comprises 4 buildings forming together one operational unit. Three of them are new – SO.02 connection passageway, SO.03 test hall, SO.04 testing pool. The last one is the extension of a former laundry to the SO.01 Kinantropology Research Centre. The basic purpose of the construction is for research used in sport and medicine together with the related educational process. The connection passageway containing a snack bar, reception and recreational space forms the main entrance to the complex. From here you can access other buildings with a pool, spacious gym, gymnastics hall, climbing wall, ski simulator, prototype workshops, test laboratories, research workrooms and necessary sanitary, administrative and operational facilities. Individual buildings are made of four simple blocks differing from each other in their operational use and massings. The difference between them is accented from the outside by the material used for cladding the individual buildings. The facade of the test hall is made of raw concrete with climbing holds, the test pool is clad with wooden lamellas, the Kinanthropology Centre is covered by black ceramic strips and the connection passageway enclosed among other buildings ends particularly by glass-walled facades. In this way, the blocks create an easily readable composition. The same materials, namely raw concrete, wood and glass, appear significantly both on the facades, and in the interiors.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The project successfully combines several relating contents. The construction is for research used in sport and medicine together with the related educational process. At the same time it is used by the public for sport and recreational, rehabilitation and health-care activities. All these opportunities together are hidden in high architectural quality of the buildings.


atelier-r; Miroslav Pospíšil

Palacký University Olomouc

Year of completion

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Total area
3.875 m2

Site area
12.570 m2

Lukáš Pelech

Project Partners

Gemo a.s. and Zlínstav a.s., Rieder Beton, spol. s r.o., Az Dřevointeriér s.r.o, Alumont Building a.s., Guardian Glass, mmcité1 a.s., Bubeník 1913 s.r.o., Muuto, Fatboy, Gravelli s.r.o., Berndorf Bäderbau s.r.o

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