The EGREMI relaxing deckchair, inspired by the Greek beautiful nature, has a bent plywood construction, covered with massage balls.

My thoughts go back to a place filled with colors, smells, tastes, dreams, and moments of oblivion on the usual days. Everybody knows such place. A place where we feel like we’re being ourselves.

Maybe EGREMI can do this even in everyday life. A moment of conscious rest, forgetfulness, and time for dreaming. With a gentle movement of elastic material, thanks to the balls that make you feel comfortable around your body, it’s easier to relax. In this deckchair you will give your body and especially your feet a pleasant feeling of lightness.

The cover is attached to the deck design by means of magnets, which are an elegant functional solution, yet it also brings the beneficial effects that people had been using during the days of Greek healers.

Massage balls combined with magnets treat joints, swellings, help to relieve muscle spasms. They are anti-inflammatory, healing, healing blood vessels, and they also promote calm sleep, overall regeneration and stability of the immune system. This greatly contributes to improving overall health.

The deckchair is centrally connected by a wedge, which can be easily extended and thus divided into two parts for better handling and storage.


Linda Charvátová – Vrňáková, Czech Republic

Linda Charvátová – Vrňáková, Czech Republic

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