Electronic modular switches MODYS – just touch

The MODYS family of modular switches and sockets manufactured by Elektromaterial Lendava d.o.o. were supplemented with new innovative switches – only by touch. We named them with the abbreviation ETS (Electronic Touch Switches). “JUST TOUCH” makes our lives more beautiful and easier. They are characterized by an elegant minimalist design and high quality. Ease of use, simple and modular assembly, and almost “inaudibility” when switching were the development goals that we realized. We also included our ecological orientation in the development and added a saving function. As a result, we chose the color blue to illuminate the functionality, which is also pleasant lighting in dark rooms. We paid special attention to the appearance and modern trends, so the surface of the switch is made of glass.


Design Team Elektromaterial Lendava

Elektromaterial Lendava d.o.o

Year of production

Boris Černi

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