Eden strong just like a vitamin, Bucharest

Beyond corporate functional minimalism or ultraexploited playfulness – scenarios that are all too frequent in office interior design, the Eden Capital Office project stands out through the ‘’baroque’’ character of the daring oversized elements. Visible volumes (furniture, decorative elements) draw the attention of the visitor, or of the daily user of the space, to the unusual character of the experience. This is the very result that was aimed for by the team of Phenomena Laboratory, who set out to materialise a concept of order and clarity without falling prey to repetition. The project stands out aesthetically through the choice of precious materials, combining the spirit of harmonious monochrome. The design of the office space conveys order, but not rigor, and insights the curiosity of walking through a space that distances self from the known paradigms of the most contemporary interior design projects.


Phenomena Laboratory; Eduard Baicu, Cristian Matei, Andrei Oțet

Eden Capital

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
290 m2

Arthur Zinz

Project Partners

Eden Capital Srl, Schüco Romania, Door 2000 Romania, Porcelanosa Romania, Fragma, Transparent Design Srl, Elecom Distribution Srl

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