Estera Residence Individual Home, Bucharest

The concept of architecture aimed at creating a single-family home, in harmony with the natural environment, the emphasis being on openness, clarity, smoothness of details and simplicity, but also on the building’s energy efficiency. The house is ecologically designed, with a BMS system, using the latest technologies, with low energy consumption, efficient heating (underfloor heating) as well as intelligent heating and cooling control installations, up to the control of blinds and sunshades.


Oopy Arhitectura; Andrei Nicolae, Oana Crețu, Iustin Popescu, Octavia Popeea

Andrei Radu, Ruxandra Corduneanu, Mihai Roș, Vlad Bârlădeanu, Bogdan Niculae

Bogdan Vremes- Estera Residence

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
165 m2

Site area
475 m2

Vali Mirea

Project Partners

Ameen Mazouni, Cătălina Maier, M. Gh. Popescu, D. Ștefan, C. Constantin, G. Cristescu, B. Anania, I. Cristescu, Iulian Păcurar, Marius Veltulea, Cristian Moga, Andrei Nicolae

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