The project as well as the construction was, on behalf of HAMR, supervised by David Kubík. During the entire process we had to overcome many problems. Among these was the local land use documentation, the building permit, structural calculations of the whole, the overall deadlines and the availability of acacia timber. Furthermore, there were setbacks such as the removal of the bark, limits in bending of the individual boles and the consequent impact on the shape of the designed structure. In addition, there were the structural calculations in the joints, finding a way to join the rounded timber, fastening the construction to ground, finding an effective way of joining the timber on the ground, atypical scaffolding and the completion of the structure in the air with the help of four cranes. Last but not least, it was the adversity of the weather, which caused a several month long pause in construction as the site was not accessible.

However, the problems have been solved, the load bearing tests have been successful with better results than we had hoped and the first lookout tower in 70 years in Prague is now accessible to the public!





About the authors:

Martin Rajniš is a Czech architect based in Prague. Alongside David Kubík and Tomáš Kosnar he runs the HAMR studio, a group of people actively seeking new solutions to architecture, urbanism and design. The office designs and constructs unique buildings in the Czech Republic as well as across the world.

“If we strive to be a modern European society, it is unthinkable to accomplish our goals without cutting-edge architecture, which is also liked by the people. That is the driving force behind our projects.”

Drawing from the system that we all originate from – the deeper laws of nature, we strive for architecture that is capable of becoming accessible and communicable across the entire contemporary globalised platform. We base our work around the materiality of wood, stone and glass. We see nature as an inevitable source of fundamentals to still inform the shape of the built environment today.

Tomáš Kosnar

Martin Rajniš

David Kubík


Architecture: Martin Rajniš, David Kubík, Tomáš Kosnar; Huť architektury Martin Rajniš

Client: Municiapal Quarter Prague 14

Investor: Landia management

Photos: Aleš Jungmann

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Year of completion: 2018

Built-up area: 104,8 m2


Text provided by the authors of the project.

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