Renovation of the School of Architecture in Prague

Since the work of Josef Gočár, the second rector of the school, its building has not undergone a major renovation. It suffered from humidity in the basement, the plaster was falling off, the windows and doors were in a state of disrepair, the floors and plumbing elements survived, and the entrance staircase slided down. However, the building from 1922-1924 (by Jan Kotěra, a founder of the school) and 1928-1932 (Gočár) has been preserved in an authentic state with many original elements. The goal was to preserve the atmosphere of the building, refurbish the maximum number of elements, and deal with technical problems of the construction. Then, we tried to follow this intention, maintain the generosity of the original solution, and complement it with current elements. Due to the minimum time for the design and the actual reconstruction work, the renovation was divided into four stages: joinery; facade and plumbing work; the other (networks, dehumidification); water supply connection.
We managed to return to the building the prime though unpreserved flagpole by Josef
Gočár and remove the symmetrical modern poles from the entrance façade. And as an important trifle of the entire renewal a round blind plug, which Emil Přikryl once used to cover the hole at the front door, was refurbished and returned to its place.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
To pursue the generosity and authenticity of the original solution without harming anything that was preserved and complement it with current elements


Authors of the renovation
Marcela Steinbachová, cooperation: Vít Holý; Skupina

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Year of completion

Total area
1050 m2

Prague, Czech Republic

Valentina Vagena

Project partners

Project planning: Vít Štěpán (Deltaplan), Vladimír Pavlovič (SPS Projekt)
Construction consultant: Jiří Marek
Fire safety: Ivana Dedková
Airing consultant: LiVi, s.r.o., Pavel Černoch
Elektroinstallation: Milan Vávra
Low-voltage current: Tomáš Mikula
Water heating: Jan Svátek
Heating consultant: Stanislav Jirucha
Main contractor: Metrostav a.s.
Suppliers: Laufen, Duravit Happy D, Armstrong DLW

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