Lazy House – Zlín

The house is situated seemingly outside the context of Baťa’s urbanism. However, the perception of Zlín defines the entire architectural concept through mutual visual contact. The composition is designed by a rotation of the interior layout; the exterior follows the contours of the surrounding houses, while the interior turns towards the city. The abstract metal exterior is balanced with the soft wooden interior with colourful accents of cast light that blend together. The living floor is visually connected to the sky by dematerialization through mirroring and moiré facades and “levitates” on the corten base set into the slope. The house is visually permeable (from the inside out) through its north and south facades, the east and west facades protect the privacy of the house from contact with neighbours and allow the view out and the sun in through the windows covered with stainless steel membrane. From above, the green roof with the glass-walled studio merges with the garden city.


Studio Petr Janda | Brainwork; Petr Janda


Year of completion

Zlín – Lazy, Czech Republic

Total area
225 m2

Site area
1.400 m2


Project Partners

Area Zlín, Az Glass, Eff, Rajmund Coufal, Los Kachlos, Active Elements, Ateh, J.konečný (Krby Zlín), Elektrify, Truhlářství Obdržálek, Berndorf Bäderbau, Jiří Stelšovský, Jitka Tomsová, Gard&N

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