das Levels, Linz

The six villa structures, arranged like abstracted “water drops”, are located amid a flowing park landscape – the Sompark. The private open spaces develop in the form of ring-shaped waves around the houses. High-quality open spaces as well as outdoor spaces are created while the objects communicate with each other. Starting from the public park, the buildings gain in height concentrically towards the outside. LIVING IN THE PARK is the guiding principle. The open development and extensive green space create an exclusive open space quality. High-quality materials in combination with subtle detailing allow low-maintenance of the objects and result in a durable substance, which contributes positively to sustainability.


Kaufmann Haas & Partner ZT KG; Mathias Haas

Real-Treuhand Immobilien

Year of completion

Linz, Austria

Total area
7.235 m2

Site area
12.466 m2

Dietmar Tollerian

Project Partners

DI Weilhartner ZT GmbH, TB Wiesauer GmbH, TAS Bauphysik GmbH

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