Historic jewel in the heart of Vienna

Reviving History: In Vienna’s historic center, the project blends 1870s charm with modern flair, harmonizing clients’ contemporary tastes with the building’s heritage. Playing with shapes and colors across decades creates a unique ambiance, with every detail meticulously selected for harmony and tension. Nestled in Vienna’s heart, a historic 1870 gem reflects the city’s architectural legacy. my solo project harmonizes modern tastes with timeless charm, reflecting both history and client personality through meticulous design.

The building is a Viennese architectural gem, adorned with intricate facades and grandeur evoking the 19th century. Undertaking this project meant delving into the past, immersing myself in late 1800s aesthetics. Extensive research into Vienna’s cultural history deepened my appreciation for the era’s architectural styles and design movements.

Balancing the building’s historic significance with modern preferences was crucial. I aimed for a blend of past integrity and present innovation, carefully juxtaposing elements for harmony and tension. Inspired by late 19th-century opulence, I selected a rich color palette featuring jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and pink. These luxurious hues, combined with modern neutrals and bold accents, created a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, evoking sophistication and luxury. I curated a diverse collection of iconic furniture spanning decades, blending vintage-inspired pieces like the Vuelta Sofa with custom-designed modern elements. Mixing styles and textures resulted in an eclectic yet cohesive aesthetic, celebrating the fusion of old and new. This project breaks from conventional fabric patterns, prioritizing a serene yet captivating atmosphere through texture. Meticulously curated choices, from sumptuous velvet to rugged leather and linen, evoke understated luxury and tactile richness. Intriguing carpets add visual interest and a soft underfoot sensation, enriching the design narrative with dynamic texture at every touchpoint.

Reviving this historic gem in Vienna, my aim was to craft an experience transcending time. Blending modern tastes with late 19th-century charm, I breathed new life into the building, creating a vibrant space honoring the past and embracing the future. Delighted by the collaboration with my clients, our journey transformed their residential dreams into reality.


Christina Tassioglou


Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Michael Hartl

Project Partners

wittmann, b&b Italia, Thonet, Roche Bobois, cctapis, Schönbuch, kasthall, cctapis, area, farrow&ball, classicon, &tradition, fiam, porro, vitra, casalis

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