Cottonera Olympic Indoor Pool

The extension seamlessly integrates with the existing building, boasting a fluid form accentuated by Glulam beams in the roof. This fusion not only enhances the extension’s aesthetic appeal but also preserves a unified visual identity with the historic infrastructure. In terms of functionality, the extension caters to diverse needs, accommodating an Olympic-size pool for international aquatic events, along with accompanying facilities.

The heated pool, equipped with modular steel panels and a movable floor, meets various standards for aquatic sports. Beyond its architectural significance, the project addresses the demand for modern athletic facilities, enhancing public amenities and fostering sports excellence in Malta. From an environmental standpoint, it prioritizes sustainability by utilizing engineered timber such as Glulam. Prefabrication and modular steel panels further bolster energy efficiency and reduce ecological footprint. The innovative use of Glulam beams and prefabrication underscores the project’s commitment to modern construction practices. A heated pool with adaptable features caters to diverse sports needs, setting a new standard for aquatic facilities while seamlessly blending innovation with sustainability.


Design & Technical Resources

Sport Malta

Year of completion

Bormla, Malta

Total area
9.500 m2

Site area
4.500 m2

Daniel Mifsud Photography

Project Partners

Lead contractor: V&C group
M&E consultants: Claude Vella, Fabio Stivala

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