KIBO solutions for kid rooms

When it comes to the most enjoyable playground, there are no best solutions for kid rooms. That is why our main purpose is
to come up with solutions that make a space more colorful, playful and most importantly functional. Beginning with relaxing and sleeping spaces and continuing with creativity backgrounds that lets imagination go free. The idea of having a private little house inside the room is what people were lacking back in the days, that is why they used to improvise with blankets and chairs or other objects and in the house. The feeling was so pleasing that they would play for hours and hours with their friends.
Solving this puzzle of functions, creative playground and colors is our main goal, and we strive to full every kids needs.
In this little house we propose to combine: two sleeping areas, a drawing black board, a table for drawing on rolling-paper, a storage area for clothes, a storage area for toys, two climbing walls, one slide for kids, a swing, illuminated areas and a pulley for toys.

Horatiu Sasaran, Adrian Cristian, Alex Les, Janette Rodriguez, Petra Sasaran, Camelia Tamiian, Traian Maxim from Kubo Investments, Romania


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