The winged cabinet is a small nomadic exhibition space for the glass vessels, their production process, and the research of the project “The Glass Workshop in Transylvania and Ștefan Câlția – the recovery of a lost craft”. The cabinet responds to specific needs of the act of displaying: Firstly, it proposes a domestic scale, not foreign to a room of an old house in the Transylvanian villages, where the glass vessels were produced in the local glass workshops. Pursuing a relationship with light, it was also important to offer multiple opening sequences depending on where it is placed. Built of solid cherry wood, the construction system involves using wood on wood joinery and custom wooden hinges. Being exhibited in some of the places where there were glass workshops, the exhibitions bring to the attention of the community this craft that disappeared almost a century ago.


Stardust Architects* and Atelier Vast

Atelier Vast

Year of completion

cromatica photography, Ștefan Mirică

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