Leva modular system

The Leva modular system was designed by Egoé studio to meet the growing need to spend time outdoors in a comfortable environment. The basic space is defined by four perpendiculars which form a cubic structure that can be customized through the use of accessories (roofs, walls, floors but also integrated or suspended furniture, climbing walls etc). Furthermore, the basic modules can be connected to form various spatial configurations. Leva works as a sort of a building toy for adults. It can play different roles in different contexts. Therefore the designers created three basic lines of this product: Leva Home for private spaces, Leva Public for use in public environments, and Leva Office which serves as an alternative workspace or classroom. Leva is minimalistic, light and easy (and therefore cheap) to install. Sustainable natural materials are used as much as possible, including locally sourced larch.


Egoé life s.r.o.

Egoé life s.r.o.

Year of production

Dušan Tománek, Sylva Koudelková, Julius Filip

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