Colorum – Urban seating furniture

Colorum gives the city of Hallein a new look with seating furniture that reflects the cityscape in its design. The design of the objects was based on aspects of the history of Hallein which were taken as a basis for the design of the project so that they fit into their surroundings. For example, powder-coated steel in a striking red serves as a signpost through the streets of the city center and can be associated with the town’s emblem, which shows a salt bearer between two skids on a red background. Colorum is intended to offer opportunities for encounters and to invite people to rediscover the city together, to pause and take a seat. In this context, the seat of the objects is decorated with a functional pattern of holes in the form of salt crystals. They refer to the salt production of the Halleiner Salzwelten and represent an important aspect of the region.


yami. – Design Studio; Emin Music, Ellice Jachek, Elena Müller, Réka Válent, Simona Linhartová, Markéta Šrůtková

GMT Wintersteller GmbH

Year of production

Emin Music

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