HIŠA 1797

The renovated house, named Hiša 1797, retains its original building bulk, positioning and size of window openings. It has new roof tiles, restored and new doors and windows and a preserved orchard. The interior has been redesigned as a hybrid of old and new. Well-preserved original construction elements have been retained, as has the masonry heater, staircase, semi-basement and wooden ceiling joists. The interior is also equipped with the furniture that decorated the house before it was renovated. Some of the pieces belonged to the writer Fran Detela (1850–1926). The bathrooms and kitchens are modern, as are all the installations. All this, together with the restored furniture, will ensure that guests enjoy their stay.


Mateja Panter

Year of completion

Dob, Slovenia

Total area
200 m2

Miran Kambič

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