Chania pharmacy

The role of the pharmacy today is constantly changing, visiting a pharmacy is not only for the treatment of an illness, but is synonymous with the promotion of wellness. Especially during the pandemic period, the pharmacy is a daily necessity and a place of interaction. The pharmacist comes close to the client, providing advice and developing a confidential relationship. Modern man is faced daily with challenges of all kinds, as a result of which he seeks inner balance and well-being. Architectural design and interior decoration are called to acquire an additional role in addition to serving aesthetics and functionality. Architecture returns to its natural roots and serves its primary and basic role that has man as its core. The new anthropocentric dimension that is projected and aims at the “well-being” of modern man was the main goal and the central idea of our design for the pharmacy. The main elements of our work -focusing on wellness- are the application of natural materials, the use of wood in walls and ceilings, a palette of earthy and neutral colors, the choice of furniture with curves and the use of plants. The originality of the design focuses on the organic and pure forms that anyone who enters the space for the first time can perceive. The predominant use of earthy colors with metallic details is the design basis of the pharmacy. Minimalist simple lines grow and become more organic and clean, bringing more freedom to the forms and shapes and contrast with the established and sterile image of the pharmacy. Sofas, tables, shelves and lighting fixtures are characterized by massive shapes, curves and rounded corners with reference to primary furniture figures. The large marble counter of the fund with a metal frame made of curves enhances the raw simplicity that we wanted to give to the space. The central table with the special metal base and the plastic form helps to provide information and to the development of social interaction. Our general goal was the evolution of the Greek pharmacy with the creation of a space that offers the customer a comfortable and pleasant tour and stay.




Year of completion

Chania, Greece

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