The Myconian Korali, Kyma & Naia Hotels, Mykonos

The trio of luxury top‐end establishments belongs to the Myconian Collection, a family‐owned group of leading resorts that are located on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. The three K‐ Hotels consist of the five‐star ‘Kyma’, the magnificent ‘Naia’ as well as the Relais & Chateaux endorsed ‘Korali’. Renowned for their impeccable service and exceptional location these luxurious hotels are all situated on the edge of Mykonos town, overlooking the iconic Alefkandra windmills. Adopting a contemporary and fresh approach to the Greek Mediterranean, Galal Mahmoud drew inspiration from Mycenaean and Cycladic culture to help him come up with a new concept for the location’s overarching architectural vision. Combining old and new to create timeless elegance, escapism and spaces to connect to the beautiful natural surroundings, the K Hotels are highly unique with each destination embodying a different theme. The Naia seduces with rustic stonewalls, four‐poster beds, panoramic verandas and private pools that blend seamlessly with the ocean’s horizon line. Generous proportions and handsome design carefully considered to the finest detail come together to create unparalleled comfort and atmosphere.
Equally stunning, the Kyma is an all‐white two‐story hotel with ample spaces and scenic balconies with spectacular views overlooking the arid landscape. The spirit of Mykonos is present in every shape, every contour and even the very fabric of the hotel. A place of open spaces and clean lines, Galal Mahmoud has remained true to classic ideals of beauty: shades of royal blue that contrast with the purity of white. Meanwhile a more contemporary and fresh aesthetic was adopted for the Korali where urban‐ inspired furniture and colourful fabrics fuse together to create a more vibrant “art de vivre” approach. Some of the items were custom‐designed and produced by famous local manufacturers such as Artemide who created the “Achineo” (sea urchin in Greek) bedside lamps, specifically designed for the interior setting of the hotels. Others were directly sourced from well‐known design brands giving all the three locations a signature and personalized feel.
With a great affection for Greece, and the island of Mykonos in particular, Galal Mahmoud was proud to be a part of this large‐scale and extensive project.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Centred within a hamlet of whitewashed hotel properties on Mykonos and overlooking the legendary Myconian Hill, the Myconian Kyma, Korali & Naia Hotels are a five‐star luxury hotels that boast panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and offer guests ultimate pleasure in each and every moment.


Galal Mahmoud Architects (GM Architects)
Verdun Concorde Building, Beirut, Lebanon

Marios Daktylides, Mykonos, Greece

© IBW Imaging; Drazos Christos

Mykonos, Greece

Year of completion

Total area
20,000 m2

Project Partners

Inotex, Biekko, Grohe, Ariostea Italy, Casa Di Patsi, Agam Casa Di Patsi, Delovdis, Paola Lenti, Flos, Artemides, Prandina, Giopatto, Tesa, Yalco, Samsung, Green Nays Hellas, Sika Hellas

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