Mr Barberos, Rhodes

The main concept which makes the project innovative, original and functional, was based in the connection of the following seven parameters:
• Design inspiration from traditional and vintage barbershops of Southeast Europe,
• Multiple use of geometrical Arches, inspired from the traditional Dodecanese Architecture,
• Combination of the above two elements and instilling them with a modern Architectural language,
• Creation of bright, high and impressive volumes,
• Synthesis of traditional materials in a modern way, such as wood, marble and brick,
• Emphasis on the artificial architectural lighting, with the use of hidden led strips,
• Design of big, safe and ergonomic distances between the staff and between the clients.
The project was designed in one month and was constructed in three months by Rhodes Properties Construction Company.


GK Skiadopoulos

Year of completion

Rhodes, Greece

GK Skiadopoulos

Project Partners

Rhodes Properties & Development

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