Changing Architecture, Italy

The main value which moved towards the realization of this exhibition was to bring Architecture to the town and its citizens and not just to insiders: setting the exhibition in an urban scenery made Architecture be the witness and the actor of its own value. The setting chosen, a public square, could have given a sense of rhetorical self-praise, but the participation, the success, the emotional involvement of the citizens proved the right decision was made by letting Architecture present itself. The task of the curators was to enhance people’s attention towards Architecture, first in Ragusa, where the exhibition began on the bridge Ponte Nuovo, and then in Favara and Palermo. This travelling exhibition, as it was originally conceived, will continue in areas and squares of the city centre of Caltanissetta and Catania, in order to reach as many people as possible and show that Architecture is the measure of progress and civilization of our country.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Regeneration of public spaces.


Palermo, Italy:
Gaetano Manganello, Mario Chiavetta

Favara, Italy:
Gaetano Manganello, Mario Chiavetta

Ragusa, Italy:
Gaetano Manganello, Fondazione ARCH Ragusa

Main contractor for wood construction
Palermo, Italy
Gaspare Mirrione S.p.A P.A.M. srl

Favara, Italy
Gaspare Mirrione S.p.A P.A.M. srl

Ragusa, Italy
Iblea Legnami sncDi Betta Arredi e Infissi in legno Falegnameria Masetti


Year of completion
2016, 2017

Palermo, Italy
Favara, Italy
Ragusa, Italy

Total area
3.200 m2

3.000 m2

1.560 m2

Architrend Architecture; Mario Chiavetta

Project Partners

Ordine degli Architetti di Palermo, Ordine degli Architetti di Agrigento, Ordine degli Architetti di Ragusa

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