Ritorno Alle Origini, Terlizzi

Puglia can be left, but not forever. The designer was guided by colors, moodboards and materials that bring back to the natural canons of the Apulian territory: natural tempera, wood, stone and fabrics that recall the encounter between land, sea and sky. Respect for the place is in every space. A meeting has been created between the beauty of the memory of the past and the more harmonious, fresher, more trendy everyday life. The residence develops on two levels: a first floor of 52 m2 m consisting of a large dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and children’s room; and a 23m2 studio flat recreated in the attic, which responds to all the comforts to be lived in two, without giving up hosting friends. The entrance door, reminiscent of the door of the ancient shops, then restored and repainted, protecting the signs of its seniority. The furnishings give light, harmony and vitality to the residence. The renovation of the second floor allowed a second living area, welcomed by a white terrace, in stone and with prickly pears on the parapet. All this has made it possible to bring its customers back to their origins, a family that lives far away but returns home to live again. Umberto Colasanto in this project gave the emotion of returning home to Puglia and finding everything where it was left, but new.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
RITORNO ALLE ORIGINI is first of all respect for the place. A meeting has been created between the beauty of the memory of the past through the beams, the cement tiles, the stairs and the doors together with the feeling of fresh, new and trendy through a refined color scheme that breaks the time.


Umberto Colasanto designer

Vito Corvasce

Terlizzi, Italy

Year of completion

Total area
75 m2 (interior) + 25 m2 (terrace)

Project Partners

Margherita Tricarico, Umberto Colasanto, Roberto Blasi, Roberto Pedone

GI.TA.pitturazioni, Termoidraulica Diaferia, Impianti elettrici Vito de Ruvo

Annamaria Brindicci, Habitat Garofoli Store Bisceglie, Summo Cucine, Lavorazioni in ferro di Barile Michele, Ikea

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