East Side series

East Side series designed for CRISTINA Rubinetterie, is based on the American loft culture in New York. The words to create the series we got inspiration from are: humility, frankness, honesty. We decided to introduce the knurling to improve the grip and experience of touch and also the desire to create a contrast feeding the physical experience of the perception of the object.
A line that since its name recalls the industrial atmospheres and the mix of culture and lifestyles that from the lofts of New York in the 70s, thanks to the contamination of multidisciplinary artists and creatives, have then spread all over the world. A collection where the finishes, both chromatic and materic, are an integral part of the project itself. The knurling, in particular, turns out to be not only a functional choice but also a deliberate expression of a material contrast, tactile even before visual, which allows the hand a physical experience, direct, almost “raw” in its essentiality. An experience that the designers have drawn from the world of mechanical tools, enhancing the industrial characteristics of the products with finishes ranging from brushed black chrome to brushed metallic, from gold brass to matt black to an antique brass finish that further enriches the possibility of even more personal choices.


angeletti ruzza design, Italy

CRISTINA Rubinetterie, Italy

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