Chair “O-tense”, Sofia

This chair is a tensegrity structure consisting of two elements. One solid element, acting as a wide frame, that possesses a cubic form with both sides removed. This static structure serves as a seat for the chair. The second structure is a movable ring stringed in the seat frame, which serves as a backrest. The connection between the two elements is composed of prestressed ropes. This ensures ergonomic springing of the backrest relative to the base when the occupant leans back. The tensegrity structure of the elements always forces the ring to return to its original position. On the other hand, the ring does not come into contact with the base, except through the ropes, which makes it look levitating. Therefore, in addition to the unusual shape of the chair, it possesses a surprising “flying” element. The chair is subjected to a minimalist sculptural aesthetic.


Konstantin Achkov

Year of production

Sofia, Bulgaria

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