MAS House

The concept for the project was born intuitively while looking for an unconventional yet lower-budget approach to arranging the space on the ground floor of a private house. There were three tasks: furniture should be minimal and simplistic; the budget should be kept relatively modest and the result should be unconventional. This resulted in the creation of a neutral scenography(a light-gray box) in which the various actors- the functional areas of the house, “float“ in space, each “dressed up” in a specific color. The polished concrete floor, the visible concrete slab, and the light-grey rendering of the brick walls form the neutral environment for the colorful play of the custom-made furniture zones.


NSSN Design; Nadezhda Sucheva

Anton and Manuela Stoilkovi

Year of completion

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Total area
90 m2

Nadezhda Sucheva

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Sklada – Galya Dzanatto, Design District – Lia Stefanova

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