BUG bicycle rack

The BUG bicycle rack is a contemporary collaboration of Italian design team Gibillero Design and Russian manufacturer Punto Design. It is made from tubular steel profiles of different sizes and can be produced in different color range. Gibillero Design team had fun associating the word BUG with the bicycle rack, as it can be interpreted in two different ways:
– BUG as the insect that inspired us for the design; the product is composed of a body made up of vertical structural uprights and wings which are represented by tubulars useful to secure bicycles.
– BUG, however, can also be interpreted as an “error”. The tubulars are not inclined in the same way giving a natural disorder effect and creating a deliberately animated and inhomogeneous design. However, this feature is functional for anchoring different models of bicycles that have different heights and shapes.
The double-facing is one of the main features of the product since the bicycles can be positioned on both sides making parking rational. The product is made from powder-coated galvanized steel.
Dimensions: 2100×1060 mm / Height 980mm


Gibillero Design, Italy

Punto Design – LLC Aludeco-K, Kostroma Region, Russia

Year of production

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