On the Hauptstrasse in Berlin Schöneberg Graft revitalized the historical post office premises, expanding it with two new buildings and converting the original rooftops for commercial purposes. Thus a modern ensemble accessible to the public was created comprising offices, restaurants, retail outlets and apartments. The existing buildings divide the area into several inner court yards, all of which have been upgraded while retaining their original commercial character. The different buildings are distinguished by their own individual character resulting from their development throughout the decades. In accordance with the existing building structure, the previously unused rooftops were renovated according to the historical model and in compliance with the regulations for the protection of historical monuments. By means of cutting-edge technology, brickwork and geometry, historical monument and the parametric design strategies of the 21st century were artfully combined.


GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Trockland Management GmbH

Year of completion

Berlin, Germany

Total area
32.000 m2

Bttr GmbH, Trockland Management GmbH

Project Partners

IKR Kuschel GmbH; Structural planning: Krebs und Kiefer Ingenieure GmbH; Technical planning: Deutsche Energie-Consult GmbH; Building physics: Müller-BBM GmbH, Fire protection: Hhpberlin; Acoustics: Akustik-Ingenieur büro Moll GmbH; Landscape planning: Planungsbüro Haan Freie Garten, Landschaftsarchitekten

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