Blow round stool

Crafted from the finest natural wood, this round wooden stool stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. Made from brushed black oak, it showcases the intrinsic beauty of the wood while embodying a fluid design that seamlessly merges joints and forms. Each carefully selected piece of wood is meticulously carved and shaped, allowing the stool to retain its organic charm, and adding warmth and depth, complementing both minimalistic and rustic decors. With its captivating aesthetic appeal and multifunctional nature, this unique stool proves to be a versatile addition to any living space. It seamlessly transitions between a stool, side table, or nightstand, making it an ideal choice for those seeking authentic and aesthetically pleasing furniture. As a captivating addition, this stool fits comfortably into any corner of your living room or bedroom and can be a standalone star in your living space.


Chudes studio; Djordje Čukanović

Chudes studio

Year of completion

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