Notino Offices Extension 3

The design of the third extension is conceptually linked to the original NOTINO office design. The basic principle is the morphology of the flowing perfume essence, applicated in the ceiling, the flooring and the layout itself. A combination of open-space and original meeting rooms takes place on more than 600 m2 with a total of 65 workstations. In terms of environmental impacts, this project is an evolution of the three previous ones. Individual atypical solutions have been optimised, resulting in less material consumption and thus a smaller carbon footprint. The main attention is paid to the quality of the workplace, which also has its own lighting. The overall mood of the office is thus more akin to a living room or a hotel, while keeping all the contemporary requirements of the modern office world. The overall design of the offices is designed the flexible way, to respond flexibly to the needs of the largest online perfume and cosmetics retailer in Europe.


Kyzlink Architects; Jan Kyzlink, Zbyšek Sikora, Petr Pospíšil, Lenka Pitoňáková


Year of completion

Brno, Czech republic

Total area
600 m2


Stage 180°

Project partners

Premier Interiors, GSS, Cre8

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