Bio’s Kitchen, Bologna

A restaurant inspired by nature. Once through the front door, a first room welcomes us: a mineral place, an internal extension of the city. The pavement of the arcades and sidewalks of Bologna accompanies us up to a second portal that marks the transition point giving access to a double volume: an enchanted place, an internal courtyard that helps us to free the mind from everyday distractions. The botanical varieties of Pothos, Hedera and Philodendron define both the strength of the natural space, but also its fragility, delicacy and vulnerability. The colors chosen for the interiors, emphasize the rhythmic scanning of the space. A sincere, discreet and relaxing environment, where to live a new totally organic culinary experience.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Bios Kitchen is an urban place inspired by nature, where the compositive elements refer to a bucolic and sophisticated atmosphere. Perfect place to escape from the city routine.



Bio’s Group

Year of completion

Bologna, Italy

Total area
600 m2

Giovanni De Sandre

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