Music amplified by concrete. As a natural successor to the classic Gramophone, the Sousa-Phone combines traditional design language with the most innovative production process to create the biggest analogue smartphone amplifier of the world. Through advanced sound engineering and the highest resolution concrete 3D printing quality available today, we created a sensual yet functional music sculpture with extraordinary sound attributes.
– “Special Mention” distinction at the 2021 German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories”
– First concrete analogue smartphone amplifier on the market
– Biggest analogue smartphone amplifier on the market: 650 x 1050 x 600 mm
– Produced by the market leading Concrete Powder Bed 3D Print process by Progress Group, 35 pieces per print
– Voronoi effect to display the best concrete 3D printing quality available
– Base material: recycled glass


Studio Oberhauser; Martin Oberhauser

STHAR Stone & Harmony

Year of production

Klaus Peterlin

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