Rider, tilting lounge chair

Rider is the search for a new archetype, synthesis of a type of seat usually formed by several components, here resolved in a single element with a tilting movement. An object balanced between craftsmanship and sophisticated technology: a shaped core in rigid polyurethane entirely hand-coated with a mantle of natural leather, sewn and shaped on the seat itself. Rider is an elegant piece of furniture with large dimensions that, in addition to delimiting the space, creates a protected dimension where you can indulge in a high feeling of comfort.

Stiff polyurethane frame with upholstery in graduated polyurethane. Frame covered with cowhide 95. Removable topper made of polyurethane ⁄ heat-
bound polyester fibre, covered with fabric. Upon request one headrest cushion upholstered with polyurethane ⁄ heat-bound polyester fibre, covered
with removable fabric, is available.


Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Italy

Zanotta SpA, Italy

Year of production

Zanotta SpA, Italy

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