Open-plan office, which is currently being used by many companies, requires a solution to the problem of noise isolation and visual exposure while having high space efficiency. FORESTY is an acoustic panel that performs both as space divider and sound-absorbing, essential for such an office environment. Using FORESTY, people can concentrate on their work in an open space, and also makes communication more active. It is a furniture that performs not only functional aspects such as gaze blocking and sound absorption, but also serves as decorative objects. The formative characteristics are shape reminiscent of a tree or cactus inspired by nature and soft lines that is given a comfortable feel. FORESTY is consisted of multiple panels of different heights and one asymmetric base. Each panel is positioned at regular interval, can be rotated as desired by the user to give a sense of change and rhythm to the space. And it is finished with fabrics of various colors and patterns to fit in a variety of space.


Claudio Bellini, Italy

FURSYS Inc, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Year of production

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